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Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, announced that the pro-life organization, Human Life International, and an African bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, are among the supporters of the Make the Family Great Again petition posted at Life Petitions.

Father Shenan J. Bouquet, President of Human Life International, said, “As one of the original signers, I’m pleased to support this important project. Thanks to the Commission on Unalienable Rights and the Make the Family Great Again petition, we have an opportunity to put this administration firmly in the pro-life camp – in foreign as well as domestic policy.”

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo, Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria, stated: “I believe the petition is important for Africans because love for life, children and the family define all Africans. Support for children, parenthood and family values give considerable balance to cultures and deeply affect people and life in Africa.”

Dr. Morse said, “We are greatly encouraged by the international response to our petition to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the newly organized Commission on Unalienable Rights to make families the focus of U.S. foreign policy.”

She explained: “Too often in the past, agencies like USAID have lavished huge sums on population control efforts in developing nations, while giving embarrassingly small amounts to projects like clean water and maternal health, which is indicative of Washington’s misplaced priorities. Since the petition is addressed to a Commission Secretary Pompeo and chaired by pro-life Harvard Law Professor and former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon, we can begin to challenge all of that.”

The petition notes that:

  • Marriage and the family are universal institutions for the stability of society and the continuation of the human race.
  • Children need their mother and father.
  • Stable loving families provide the basis for strong societies, including thriving economies, national security, and international peace.

Therefore, it calls on the Commission on Unalienable Rights to work for recognition of:

  • The right of every child to a relationship with his or her natural mother and father, excepting an unavoidable tragedy.
  • The right of every person to know the identity of his or her biological parents.
  • The right to life from conception to natural death.
  • The right of families to educate their own children in their faith tradition and values, without being undermined by the state.

Signers representing pro-family groups outside the United States also include: Christine Vollmer (Latin American Alliance for the Family), Anne Kioko (African Organization for Families), Moira Chimombo (Sub-Sahara Family Enrichment, Malawi), Lech Kowalewski (Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements), Christa Leonhard (Foundation for Family Values, Germany and the Swiss Foundation for the Family), Warwick and Allison Marsh (Dads4Kids, Australia),  Andrea Williams (Christian Concern, United Kingdom), and Levan Vasadez (Georgian Demographic Society XXI).

To sign the petition to Make Families Great Again, click here.

The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love. On April 26-27, the Institute held a Summit for Survivors of Sexual Revolution.

Dr. Morse is the author of “The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.” https://thesexualstate.com/

Find more information on The Ruth Institute here:  http://www.ruthinstitute.org/.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse, email media@ruthinstitute.org.

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